How to design an outdoor space that lasts
 | Choosing the right fabric

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July 4, 2017
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How to design an outdoor space that lasts
 | Choosing the right fabric

How to design an outdoor space that lasts

Creating your very own outdoor space is part of the ‘Australian dream’ now more than ever. Having your very own space not only inside but outside as well is becoming essential in today’s world. More than half of all residential architects believe outdoor living features play a more important role in new home sales now than just two years ago. In fact, 63% of architects report that outdoor living spaces are the most common “special function room” in home construction.

Choosing your outdoor furniture cushions and outdoor accessories allows you to create a unique outdoor space that reflects your personality. Creating your own space lets you build a comfortable sanctuary during the day and a relaxing area to host people at night. Nothing feels as good as waking up every day to your very own outdoor space, but how do you make sure it lasts? With weather from one extreme to the other, from heavy downpours to searing sunlight, how do you protect your space from these ever changing elements?



Here are the major features you need to have if you want your outdoor space to not only look amazing, but stand the test of time. Your furniture and soft furnishing fabric must be:

  • Fade resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Chlorine resistant (Necessary if used near a pool or a chlorine treated water feature)
  • Stain resistant
  • Mould resistant

Along with these features, you want to sit and relax on cushions that are comfortable with a cotton-like feel. Most outdoor fabrics have a plastic feel to them which is not what you want in your own comfortable, relaxing outdoor space. When creating your own luxury outdoor experience, can you really afford to have your enjoyment ruined by uncomfortable fabrics?

The cheaper plastic-like fabrics will need to be replaced yearly, unlike our good quality, more lavish fabric which will give you years of comfort alongside stylish good looks. Let's look at this example showing brand new generic cushions surrounding an Outdoor Interior's cushion (on the left). Fast forward almost 2 years later to the exact same cushions (on the right), can you guess which one is the better quality cushion?

The difference is staggering. The only cushion that remained the same after 2 years is the 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic Outdoor Interiors’ cushion.


The Comparison

Product:Cheap, Inferior Outdoor CushionsGood Quality Outdoor Cushions
Fabric:Spun PolyesterSunbrella: 

100% Solution Dyed Acrylic
*Fade Resistance Rating:300 Hours | 37.5 days2000+ hours | 250+ days
Fabric Feel:PlasticCotton
Manufacturing Process:- Factory made (Usually China)- Fabric made in USA
- Handmade In Australia
- Shipped from Australia
Suitable for Inside Use?
These cushions are easily damaged and scuffed by regular use.
These cushions are safe to use inside and will last significantly longer than cheaper alternatives.

*Calculated on 8 hours of direct sunlight per day.


Here is an example of how colours fade under sunlight. Both were exactly the same cheap cushion, one cushion was left inside (cushion at the back), the other was left outside (cushion at the front). Purchasing cheaper cushions can come with avoidable consequences such as severe sun damage and fading, like the cushion above. Replacing a cheap cushion multiple times can prove to be much more costly than buying a higher priced outdoor cushion. This is because higher priced outdoor cushions come with higher quality materials which improve longevity.


The Conclusion

Having a beautiful backyard getaway where you can not only relax and unwind, but also entertain family and friends is a massive part of the Australian dream. An outdoor sanctuary that you can love and call your own is meaningful, fulfilling and leaves an impression on those who matter. You want your outdoor space to last, and you want the best quality fabrics to ensure it does.

Outdoor Interiors is the perfect place for you to create your outdoor space or to improve your current one. With 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric from Sunbrella used on every one of our outdoor cushions, floor cushions or ottomans, you are getting the quality that not only looks amazing now but will continue looking amazing in the years to come. We offer an impressive range of sizes to choose from as well as a 5 year warranty against fading on all of our cushion covers.

Make your own outdoor space one that you can love with Outdoor Interiors. You can view our entire range now and discover exactly what you need to create your own outdoor space that lasts. Click below to start your journey and sign up to our email list to be the first to know about any sales, offers, new products, and giveaways we have.


It’s hard to argue with these comparisons, and we aren’t the only ones who love our superior products!

  • Marcia J. Townsville QLD
    Palm Cove Turquoise customer photo outdoor seating "I recently purchased outdoor cushions from Outdoor Interiors and am delighted with my outdoor area. The colours are amazing and the product was definitely as good as it looked on the website. They even went out of their way to assist me with an additional cushion that I needed. Living in the Tropics I needed cushions that could withstand the harsh elements and they are looking amazing. Could not be happier with my beautiful outdoor setting that looks even more amazing with my cushions. Thank you Sharni!!!
    Marcia J. Townsville QLD
  • Carly. Darlinghurst NSW

    Off White outdoor cushions from Outdoor InteriorsOff White outdoor cushions. Outdoor Interiors.

    Thank you so much Sharni.

    I absolutely love my outdoor cushions.

    You have been so helpful from the time of enquiry right through till after I received them.

    You're amazing thank you again.

    Carly. Darlinghurst NSW
  • K Nightingale. Malvern VIC
    Thank you to Sharni and the team at Outdoor Interiors for their professional and prompt service. Sharni was so supportive with all our questions and purchase. Our kindergarten children love the new cushions.
    K Nightingale. Malvern VIC
  •    Loving the bright resort style look these cushions bring to my outdoor area. Can't wait for summer to enjoy these beauties.

    Kind regards,
    Seaforth NSW

  • Emily W., Waverly NSW
      Thanks so much for all your help in customising this outdoor chaise cover for me. You were really helpful and fast and the cover looks great!

    Kind regards,


    Emily W., Waverly NSW
  • Carolyn D. - Coogee NSW
     I knew what I wanted but just couldn't find the right product until I came across Sharni from Outdoor Interiors. I was after bench seats and not cushions for my decking in the pool area. After several emails and her quest for research, she came up with the perfect solution. I absolutely love these seats, not only are they comfortable and smart looking, but I can move them around to my liking as there are three altogether. Thank you Sharni!
    Carolyn D. - Coogee NSW
  • Fiona B. Mt Pleasant WA

    When I went to different websites to look for cushions to purchase, Sharni replied promptly offering me a service above the normal. I roughly told her what I was after and Sharni went to work putting some colours together for me and took photos and sent them to me.

    It was so much easier to choose cushions once I saw them displayed on a couch.

    The delivery was prompt and they were packed really well. I was kept up to date with emails regarding my delivery.

    As you can see from the photo, the colours Sharni chose for my outdoor area were perfect and I get a lot of compliments on my cushions.

    The colours just pop and give your eye something else to look at.

    Sharni is the Shayna of cushions!

    Fiona B. Mt Pleasant WA
  • Julianne. Cape Woolamai VIC
    When I saw the cushions on the TV show 'The Block' I knew I had to have them too! The customer service and promptness of delivery from Sharni and the team was exceptional. They are so comfy to lie on by the pool and I love the colour range which made it hard to choose from. The quality is amazing and the care instructions are simple, so should last for years to come.
    Julianne. Cape Woolamai VIC
  • Christine. Kogarah Bay NSW
    I just received the cushions!  They are really nice, thank you very much for the fast delivery, much appreciated!
    Christine. Kogarah Bay NSW
  • Rachel J. Driver NT
    The quality of the cushions is amazing and the service is outstanding. Thank you so much Sharni. I'll be purchasing again.
    Rachel J. Driver NT
  • Katey P. Somerton Park SA
    Great to deal with. Cushions are exactly what I ordered and the quality is amazing! Adds a beautiful pop of colour and designer look to my outdoor pool yard. Cushions have spent a lot of time out in the sun in the summer just gone and still hold their colour as new. Thank you. (This photo was taken 2 years after purchase.)
    Katey P. Somerton Park SA
  • Jo. Sorrento WA
    We absolutely love our cushions, thank you so much!! We love them so much we'd like to order more.
    We bought some for outside... but they looked so good we have them inside now!
    Jo. Sorrento WA
  • Gilly. Nelson Bay NSW
    Thank you so much, I absolutely adore my cushions, the fabric is almost luminous in the sun, the colour is gorgeous, just exquisite, extremely high quality. I totally recommend your beautiful collection of outdoor cushions, a major cut above the rest!! Great product and friendly personalised service, all good!!
    Gilly. Nelson Bay NSW
  • Amanda. Maudsland QLD
    I recently purchased the Bora Bora range of cushions for my Gazebo. I absolutely love them. Thank you Sharni for the lovely customer service. Highly recommend you guys.
    Amanda. Maudsland QLD
  • Sally. North Brighton SA
    I recently purchased a set of "Outdoor Interiors" cushions for my outdoor entertaining area. It's been great to finally find some outdoor cushions that not only look great but also feel so soft and luxurious. The wide range of fabric choices meant I could find some beautiful designs to match with my existing décor. The fade & water resistant covers also allow me to leave the cushions out by my pool area without worrying about them fading or getting wet. Great company to deal with. So happy with my purchase!
    Sally. North Brighton SA
  • Claire. Lindfield NSW
    I am really happy with my outdoor cushions from Outdoor Interiors - they were delivered promptly, they look exactly like the picture and they seem really durable. The colour is a perfect match to our pool and I really like that they're reversible as I'm very indecisive!
    Claire. Lindfield NSW
  • Denise P. Castle Hill NSW
    Very happy with the quality and the service received, the cushions look fabulous!
    Denise P. Castle Hill NSW
  • Rod R. West Beach SA
    Awesome service! I received my cushions within 24 hours. Great furnishing and décor options. Lots of trending colours and patterns to choose from. My cushions are 12 months old. Been through rain, hail and shine. They still are 'sparkling' like brand new. I am ready to get some more! Thoroughly recommend.
    Rod R. West Beach SA
  • Mel C. Glenelg East
    I ordered a custom made day bed cover and it arrived fitting perfectly to size and amazing quality. Very happy!
    Mel C. Glenelg East


Want to know more about our Sunbrella upholstery fabric scatter cushions?

UV & Fade Resistant

Traditional dyeing processes only leave colour on the surface of the fibre and they will easily fade. They can have an applied finish that will wash off over the course of time. The majority of outdoor fabric manufacturers sell this type of coated fabric designed for outdoor use which are only fade resistant for up to 500 hours of UV sunlight. They are not made from 100% solution dyed acrylic.

Sunbrella fibres are saturated to the core with highly UV stable pigments, making our Sunbrella cushions resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight. Sunbrella fabrics’ performance characteristics are an integral part of the fabric.

Sunbrella fabrics are 100% solution dyed acrylic. We offer a 5 year warranty against fading with any of our Sunbrella fabric ranges from normal use and exposure conditions. You want to add smoke BBQ in your outdoor check this guide;10 Tips For The Perfect Outdoor Cooking and Barbecue Party.

Mould and Mildew Resistant

Sunbrella fabrics resist mould and mildew. Should exposure to dirt cause mould to occur all Sunbrella fabrics can be safely cleaned with bleach. To clean, simply brush of dirt and debris before  it gets embedded in the fabric.  Mildew grows on dirt, pollen and other organic matter, so simple routine cleanings will prevent mould and mildew from forming.

Chlorine Resistant

Sunbrella fabric is chlorine resistant and perfect for use around swimming pools.

Bleach Cleanable

Because colour goes into the core of the Sunbrella fibres, Sunbrella fabric can be cleaned using bleach without losing its colour.


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