Steel Artworks

Contemporary Steel Artwork

Our contemporary steel artwork is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The following options are available:-

Stainless Steel Artwork

Our artwork uses high grade 304 or where specified, 316 marine grade, quality brushed stainless steel.  Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, and attractive lustre make it an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor art.

Industrial Steel

Our artwork uses recycled mild steel for the industrial range.  It is designed to age and any imperfections (scratches, marks and surface rust) are part of its natural charm. The artwork is designed to rust slowly and create their own unique patina.

Electro Powder Coated Steel (Black, White, Aqua/Gold)

Matt Black and Matt White – Has a UV Resistant electro coating.

Aqua/Gold – Depending on lighting our Aqua/Gold looks Aqua Blue or Gold.

Art can be wiped lightly with a clean damp cloth.  Only use water to clean these works.

How to Hang our Artwork

Our steel artwork comes ready to hang using 1.2mm deep aluminium hanging blocks.  These make the artwork “pop” out from the wall for added impact.

Artwork can be hung using screws, nails or hooks (not included) .  Please ensure you follow the Manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate number of screws or hooks, dependent on the size and weight of your artwork.  3M adhesive tape can be used for those not wanting to pierce the wall.

Please note:

The smallest blocks are only to keep the artwork popped out and are not strong enough for hanging. Each piece of art should only be hung from the longest block on the back.  That length of tape is needed to hold the weight of the art.

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  • Corten - Garden Stakes - Outdoor Interiors

    Corten – Garden Stakes


    or 4 payments with

  • Monstera - Steel Artwork - Outdoor Interiors

    Monstera – Steel Artwork


    or 4 payments with

  • Toucan - Steel Artwork - Outdoor Interiors

    Toucan – Steel Artwork


    or 4 payments with

  • Bird of Paradise - Steel Artwork - Outdoor Interiors

    Bird of Paradise – Steel Artwork


    or 4 payments with

  • Mermaid Vibes Steel Artwork - Outdoor Interiors Australia

    Mermaid Vibes Steel Artwork – Aqua/Gold

    $149.00 $120.00

    or 4 payments with

  • Contemporary Monstera Leaf - Steel Artwork
  • Feather - Steel Artwork - Outdoor Interiors

    Feather – Steel Artwork


    or 4 payments with

  • Home - Contemporary Steel Artwork

    Home – Steel Artwork


    or 4 payments with

  • Welcome - Steel Artwork - Outdoor Interiors

    Welcome – Steel Artwork

    $179.00 $145.00

    or 4 payments with

  • Beach - Steel Artwork

    Beach – Steel Artwork


    or 4 payments with

  • Beautiful Chaos - Steel Artwork

    Beautiful Chaos – Steel Artwork


    or 4 payments with

  • Hello - Contemporary Steel Artwork

    Hello – Steel Artwork


    or 4 payments with

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